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Stargate portal of china has been accessed by ancient masters of Tibet, China and India. Even the grand masters of love, Jesus visited this portal to communicate and learn the wisdom from the inner earth masters who reside underneath this portal. The ancient wisdom of Taoism originated from this poral - for this inspirtational energy which was sent from this portal was received by the receptive individual and a pholosophical idealogy was born which exists even to this day. The energy of th   View More...


The Star Gate Portal of Egypt was first activated by the Pleaidean Masters many millenia ago. This star gate portal is incomplete alignment with the great pyramid of Giza. The Pyramid builders knew about this and a blue light is emitted to even this day from the planet of Pleadides into the Great Pyramind for as for you all know Great Pyramid was a place of spiritual inititation. There are two chambers inside this great pyramind and one is the king's chambers and the other is the queen's c   View More...

Machu Pichu

This is one of the most important portal presently opened on the planet. It has been active for the past many hundred of years and is the portal used by the ancient Mayans to make their journey into higher dimensions. Humans beings at the soul level knows about the portals and that is why most of the portal places are visited by people and they call it power sports. Indeed they are power centers which can catupulate one into higher dimensions.So when you visit ancient centers, go with a re   View More...

Mount Fuji

The portal at Mount Fuji is one of the oldest portal on this planet. This sacred portal is protected by the benevolent beings of the Inner Earth called Mu. This place can only be accessed through the heart center. It carries ancient energies of great inventions like time travel, dimensional travel, inter galatic travel, the secrests of creations, knowledge and wisdom about longevity etc, To access this portal, one must first access the connections with the people of Mu who are ascended can   View More...

Mount Shasta

It is one of the grand portal situated under Mount Shasta in the United States, It is also the home of the inner earth beings called Telos, and ascended race from the Lemurian times. The grand master is Master is Master Adama. You can call on this master

   View More...
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