Symbols are the languages of the soul. Symbols bi-pass the mind and go direct to the deep recess of the mind. Historically all cultures throughout the planet have used symbols to convey and receive messages. Languages as we know is a fairly modern version of communication. Languages and words have their limits in communicating the true nature of things. The ancients have left hundreds of symbols throughout the planet offering us clues to their existence and also offering us wisdom. Some of the famous symbols we are well aware of are the symbols of Egypt, Ancient Mayans and the Celtic symbols. In these amazing times symbols along with sound would become powerful healing tools for releasing deep seated emotions and belief systems. Which in turn opens us to our core essence-our mighty I AM Presence. The Symbols which are presented in this website are inspired drawings given to me by Master Kuthumi, Isis II and Lord Serapis Bay. All the symbols have been channelled and each are constructed using ancient sacred geomentry. I encourage you all to look at the symbols not with your eyes only, but also with an open heart. When you are able to tune into the symbols, you will be able to connect with the symbols, then you are able to draw forth the essence of the symbols into you. See the energy of the symbols slowly entering into you through your third eye and slowly melting into your aura and finally settling into your heart chakra. I offer these symbols in all humbleness and humility. May these symbols awaken in you, your own truth and your own I AM Presence.


Rae Chandran


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